Jewelry Storage Case
Jewelry Storage Case
Jewelry Storage Case
Jewelry Storage Case
Jewelry Storage Case
Jewelry Storage Case

Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry Storage Case

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Our Jewelry Storage Case is a modern and versatile solution for organizing different types of jewelry.
It offers dedicated models for pendants, long chains, and bracelets, each designed with a focus on protecting and showcasing your treasured items.
Crafted from eco-friendly leather (PU) and microfibers, this case is perfect for those who appreciate a contemporary design and environmental consciousness in their jewelry storage.

  • A box for every type of jewelry
  • A modern design
  • Materials: Leather (PU) Eco-friendly and microfibers
  • Height: 6.5 cm 
  • Length: 6 cm
  • Width: 6.5 cm
  • Height: 5 cm 
  • Length: 7 cm
  • Width: 7 cm
Long chain
  • Height: 3.5 cm 
  • Length: 22 cm
  • Width: 5.5 cm
  • Height: 5 cm 
  • Length: 9 cm
  • Width: 9 cm

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