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Necklace Mannequin

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Size:S (19 cm)

Welcome our necklace mannequin into your space, where it becomes more than just a display—it's a companion for your cherished necklaces.

With a selection of hues like the calmness of gray, the warmth of beige, and the vibrancy of green, each mannequin is ready to complement and showcase your jewelry collection with a personal touch.

Why you'll love it:

  • Super soft texture: Each mannequin is cloaked in velvet that's delightful under your fingertips, offering a sumptuous feel as you arrange your display.
  • A spectrum of shades: Black to white, gray to green—pick a color that resonates with your style and makes your necklaces pop.
  • Simplicity in style: Its sleek design ensures all eyes are on your jewelry, making each necklace a conversation piece.

The little details:

  • Perfectly proportioned: With three dimensions available, find the size that fits just right into your world :
    • Large mannequin: height - 29cm, base width - 12cm
    • Medium mannequin: height - 25cm, base width - 10.5cm
    • Small mannequin: height - 19cm, base width - 9cm
  • Material choices: these mannequins are draped in cozy velvet, offering your necklaces a soft and luxurious touch.
  • Balanced to a T: Each mannequin stands firm and graceful, anchoring your necklaces with just the right weight.

Our necklace mannequin is here to hold your treasures in a hug of luxury and style. It's a part of your daily ritual, standing as a testament to the stories each necklace tells, ready to drape them in elegance every single day.


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