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Ring Display
Ring Display
Ring Display

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Ring Display

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Check out our ring display stand, where your rings get to stretch out on an artsy, hand-shaped holder. Made with sturdy resin, this little sculpture adds a stylish twist to keeping your rings organized.

It's a practical piece with a bit of personality that looks great on any dresser or shop counter.

Why you'll love this piece:

  • Sculpted for rings: Those resin fingers are ready to show off your rings without any fuss.
  • Sturdy and safe: The resin is tough enough to keep your rings snug and sound.

The little details:

  • Size: At a height of 28cm and a base of 12cm, it's got plenty of room without hogging space.
  • Built solid: Weighing in at 700g, it's steady as a rock.

Our ring display stand isn't just about keeping things tidy; it's a fun way to make your favorite rings part of your decor. It's as handy as it is quirky, and it's ready to give your jewelry a proper home with a touch of style.


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