jewelry boxes

To preserve your jewelry

Your jewelry deserves the best

It deserves to be preserved with care and attention so that it is never lost or damaged.
That’s why since 2019, we have been offering jewelry boxes that both practical and aesthetic.

drawer jewelry box

Jewelry boxes

Preserve the purity and brilliance of your jewelry with our selection of the finest jewelry boxes.

Modern, vintage, or even unique: browse our wide range of wooden, leather, and many other materials to discover, all designed to safeguard your magnificent jewelry collection.

Your earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces will be kept in perfect condition in our jewelry boxes. Thus, scratches and the signs of time will be nothing but distant memories.

green jewelry box

Jewelry cases

Lighter, more compact, and practical, jewelry cases help preserve a smaller collection, ensuring greater mobility thanks to their reduced size.

Apart from their size, they have nothing to envy from their larger counterparts and provide the same comfort for your treasures.

Travel comfortably while protecting your collection in one of our charming cases.

Jewelry trees

Transform your space with our Jewelry Tree collection, a perfect harmony of style and function.

Each tree is a statement piece, crafted to display your jewelry and elevate your decor.

From minimalist designs to ornate styles, our trees suit any interior, making them versatile home accents.

Experience the blend of practicality and beauty, keeping your jewels untangled and your space stylish.

What material for a jewelry box?

leather jewelry box with lock

Leather, warm and elegant

The timeless classic. A symbol of style and ageless beauty, leather is the most prevalent material in our extensive collection of jewelry boxes and cases.

You don’t have to be a leatherwork enthusiast to appreciate one of our leather pieces. Browse our vast selection of leather jewelry boxes, as understated as they are elegant, ensuring the best care and enhancement for your precious gems.

handmade wooden jewelry box

Wood, classic and natural

Wood is not just any material. A true testament to rustic and traditional craftsmanship it,will satisfy those who love a vintage and unique style.

A wooden jewelry storage, whether in the form of a high-end small chest or a large jewelry box with multiple compartments, stands out from other storages. It is distinguished by its inherent luxurious appearance. Explore our wooden jewelry boxes.

velvet jewelry box

Velvet, soft and classy

Wood and leather, as popular as they are, make up only a portion of our selection: an entire world remains to be discovered.

The velvet jewelry box gently hold your treasures. If you wish to gaze upon the shimmer of your preserved gems, the glass jewelry box meets your desires.