Small Jewelry Tree
Small Jewelry Tree
Small Jewelry Tree
Small Jewelry Tree
Small Jewelry Tree
Small Jewelry Tree
Small Jewelry Tree

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Small Jewelry Tree

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Discover this cute small jewelry tree: a striking blend of style and utility. Crafted to resemble elegant deer antlers, this jewelry holder provides ample space for your accessories while adding a touch of chic to your decor. Its sturdy design ensures safe, tangle-free storage. Ideal for elevating any space, it's a practical, eye-catching piece for jewelry lovers.

Key features:

  • Built-in drawer
  • Handy for Hanging all Types of Jewellery
  • Strong and sturdy, durable, smooth surface and beautiful shape
  • Available in 5 colors (white, black, pale green, pink, grey)
  • Material: polystyrene

Specifications :

  • Dimensions of base box: 24.5 in length, 12.5 cm in width, 6.5 cm in height 
  • Dimensions of antlers: 19.5 cm in height

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