Jewelry Case | MALLORCA
Jewelry Case | MALLORCA
travel jewelry organizer
Jewelry Case | MALLORCA
Jewelry Case | MALLORCA
Jewelry Case | MALLORCA
Jewelry Case | MALLORCA
Jewelry Case | MALLORCA
Jewelry Case | MALLORCA

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Jewelry Case | MALLORCA

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Pack up your prettiest pieces without a second thought with our travel jewelry organizer. It’s like a little treasure chest that’s ready to go wherever you go, with special spots for each necklace, earring, and ring you own.

No more digging through a tangled mess of chains or searching for that second earring – it's all right where you left it, neat and tidy.

Why you'll love this piece:

  • Tangle-free necklaces: Six clips keep your necklaces just as you placed them, secure and separate.
  • Safe earrings: With room for 9 pairs, your earrings will never be lonely or lost.
  • Tailored to your treasures: The additional 18 small and 4 large grids adjust to your collection, whether you're packing a statement piece or a delicate charm.
  • Convenient built: the water-resistant fabric and double zippers make it really convenient to pack

The little details:

  • Dimensions: Just the right size to slip into your bag at 6.7" L x 9.6" H.
  • Materials: Water resistant fabric,

This organizer not only keeps your jewels safe; but also helps you feel put-together, even when you’re far from home.

It’s a companion for the moments when you reach inside your suitcase and find everything just as you arranged it – because every detail counts, and every piece of jewelry has its story and its place. So go on, pick your favorites, tuck them in, and let every new journey be adorned with memories and your favorite sparkles.


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