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Vintage Antique Jewelry Box

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Take a peek at this little gem, our vintage antique jewelry box. It's like stepping into an old-world fairytale every time you lift the lid. With its old-fashioned flower carvings and a rainbow of enamels, each box has a personality all its own, finished with a sprinkle of sparkly stones that twinkle like stars.

This isn't just any old box; it's built to last with quality metal. It feels hefty and secure—like it's guarding your jewels like precious secrets. And let's talk about style: it's got the kind of vintage charm that adds a splash of 'wow' to any room it’s in, sparking conversations and catching eyes.

Why you'll love this box:

  • Gorgeous floral detailing: The flowers are not just designs; they're little stories etched right into the metal, each petal and leaf crafted with care.
  • Time-traveler vibes: It brings a bit of the past into the present, making you feel connected to the elegant traditions of yesteryear.
  • A personality of its own: This box doesn't just sit there; it makes a statement, adding character and flair wherever it's placed.
  • Sturdy as can be: Made with zinc-alloy, it’s a protective fortress for your little treasures, keeping them safe for years to come.


  • Material: Durable, high-quality zinc-alloy.
  • Size: Just the right dimensions at 18.2 cm in length, 12.9 cm in width, and 8.9 cm in height.

So, there you have it—a little box with a big personality. It's not just about keeping your sparklies safe; it's about adding a dash of charm to your life. It's ready to be that new favorite thing on your dresser that makes you smile every time you see it.


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