Walnut Jewelry Box
Walnut Jewelry Box
Walnut Jewelry Box
Walnut Jewelry Box
Walnut Jewelry Box

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Walnut Jewelry Box

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Crafted from the finest walnut wood, our walnut wooden jewelry box exudes a sturdy and noble charm, perfect for safeguarding your treasured pieces. With a secure key closure, it blends security with style.

Key Features:

  • Durable Walnut Construction: Enjoy the solid build and rich, warm tones of walnut wood.
  • Secure Key Lock: Keep your jewelry collection safe with a reliable locking mechanism.
  • Elaborate carved metal medallion decoration, adding a unique flair


  • Material: Premium Walnut Wood
  • Closure Type: Key Lock
  • Embellishments: Metal Badge
  • Dimensions: 28cm (L) x 19cm (W) x 8.8cm (H)

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